In Ghostbusters the Deleted Scene: Winston is a scene in the Firehouse where while Winston Zeddemore is filling out an application for employment, Janine Melnitz is telling someone over the phone that they will have to wait over a week to be helped.




Winston Zeddemore walks up to the Firehouse. He looks at his newspaper then up at the Ghostbusters sign. Janine Melnitz is handling several calls and putting people on hold. She gets to someone on hold. Janine listens then asks if it's just a mist or if it has arms and legs. She types on her computer keyboard, scans the screen, and tells the caller the earliest appointment is a week from Friday. Meanwhile, Winston is seated and filling out an explanation. Janine listens to the caller then suggests it best to stay out of the house until the Ghostbusters arrive. Janine hangs up and answers another call. Winston pauses and looks at Janine.