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Ghostbusters - Acchiappafantasmi (Ghostbusters - Ghostbusters) is the Italian translation of Ghostbusters the movie.


Peter VenkmanOreste Rizzini[1]
Ray StantzSergio Di Giulio[1]
Egon SpenglerMario Cordova[1]
Winston ZeddemoreMassimo Foschi[1]
Janine MelnitzCristiana Lionello[1]
Dana BarrettLivia Giampalmo[1]
Louis TullyOreste Lionello[1]
Dean YeagerPietro Biondi[1]
Hotel managerRodolfo Traversa[1]
TV ReporterSilvio Anselmo[1]
Walter PeckRenato Cortesi[1]
Mayor LennyGianni Bonagura[1]

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