This article is based on the 2600 version of the game only. For information about all versions, click here.

Ghostbusters is a 1985 version of Ghostbusters video game based on Ghostbusters the movie.

How to PlayEdit

First the player will be greeted with the build menu map. On the console, flip the Select game lever.

Next the player sees the store. The player can buy from the following items:

  • Image $800
  • Bait $400
  • Vac(uum) $500
  • Trap $600

On this screen you have a budget of $5000. After picking the desired items, use the left difficulty switch on the console.

When the player finds a building to enter (flashing pink), the player simply push the fire button and the player will be in the Ecto-1. The player will need an ghost vacuum for the car to catch a ghost, but if a ghost comes in your path simply drive over it to catch it. This only occasionally happens.

The player then arrives at the building and lay down your trap. You get two ghostbusters for busting the ghost. It's best to put your trap in the middle and one ghostbuster on each side of the screen. Then, move them slowly toward the trap, while shooting the proton beam to catch the ghost in the middle, above the trap. When he is directly above the trap, press the button and he will be pulled into it. But do not, EVER, cross the streams or you will lose. Also, the Slimer can, hence his name, slime you if you miss catching him.

Back on the map screen, you will see the PKE energy at the bottom. When it reaches a certain number, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man will form and start wrecking havoc. You must not let this happen.


The Angry Video Game Nerd reviewed Ghostbusters on the Atari 2600 in 2007 in his "Ghostbusters Part II", though he's been known to not give games too fair of a chance.



In gameEdit

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