This is the Chinese section of Foreign Markets part of Ghostbusters Wiki, a english wiki. All sections are written in english.

The following nations and territories are covered:

  • China

Localization/Translated TermsEdit

Original EnglishLocalization/TranslationEnglish TranslationCountries Used
Ghostbusters魔鬼剋星[1] (Standard Chinese)Ghostbusters or Devil beatersTaiwan
Ghostbusters捉鬼敢死队[2] (Simplified Chinese)GhostbustersChina Mainland
Hong Kong
Ghostbusters妖魔鬼怪塊陶啊 (Traditional Chinese)GhostbustersTaiwan (Secondary)
Ghostbusters魔鬼克星[3] (Standard Chinese?)Ghostbusters or Devil beaters



Ghostbusters IIEdit

The Real GhostbustersEdit

  • The Real Ghostbusters was not shown in China.

Extreme GhostbustersEdit

  • Extreme Ghostbusters was not shown in China.

Ghostbusters: The Video GameEdit

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of SlimeEdit

魔鬼剋星:Sanctum of Slime

Unrelated GhostbustersEdit

Background on the term "Ghostbusters"Edit



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  4.魔鬼剋星-Ghostbusters:The Video Game

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