Ghostbusters Fans (usually referred to as GBFans) is a well known Ghostbuster Community that is owned and maintained by AJ Quick.


Ghostbusters Fans was started as pretty much as a revamped GBProps by AJ Quick. When the site went fully online it offered many scanned items and materials. All previous Prop related stuff at GBProps was also merged into the current site.

The idea for the community started in November 2006 when GBProps needed financial help and AJ Quick decided to start using a "Supporting Members" hierarchy to pay for a new and faster server for "Ghostbusters Prop Archive" which was the major hub for Ghostbuster prop builds. In 2007 it closed, but in 2008 reopened as part of GBFans.[3]


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  • Blacklisted Sellers List Thread (This thread is the list of sellers that the site has blacklisted for questionable sales products or tactics)
  • All Extreme Ghostbusters episodes (they can be found pages about the desired episode)
  • Deleted scenes from Ghostbusters

Membership/Support Levels

Note the Ghostbusters Wiki does not endorse paying for any website (note Agenda Policy). This is only stating factors in this sites operation. This can also be read at GBFans website.

Membership LevelCostBenefits
Registered UsersFreeForum Access, Avatar Uploads, 100 Private Messages
Basic Supporting Membership$20.00 a yearForum Access, Avatar Uploads, 500 Private Messages, 5% Off Shop Items During Annual Sales
Silver Level Membership$35.00 a yearForum Access, Avatar Uploads, Custom Forum Rank, Personal Photo Albums, 1000 Private Messages, 15% Off Shop Items During Annual Sales
Gold Level Membership$50.00 a yearForum Access, Avatar Uploads, Custom Forum Rank, Personal Photo Albums, Email Address, 2000 Private Messages, 25% Off Shop Items During Annual Sales

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  3. GBFans-Ghostbusters Prop Archive


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