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IDW Publishing Comics
Publisher IDW Publishing

IDW Publishing Comics (also known as Idea & Design Works LLC) started printing Ghostbusters comics in October 2008. IDW currently holds the Ghostbusters license, which was previously held by 88MPH Studios.

The Ghostbusters monthly comic book series started September 28, 2011.[1]

List of ComicsEdit

This is a list of the Ghostbusters comics that IDW has published containing original material.

  • IDW Publishing Comics- Classified Secrets of Infestation
    • This mini-book was released for free prior to the first issue of Infestation and was intended to preview/solicit sales for the mini-series.
  • IDW Publishing Comics- Infestation Sketchbook
    • This mini-book was a Retailer Incentive and contained zombified sketches of characters from Ghostbusters, Star Trek, Transformers, and G.I. Joe - the four licensed properties used in the Infestation mini-series.



Cover AbbreviationsEdit

  • A
    • The Regular Cover
      • The most common cover.
  • B
    • The second most common, usually a 1:4 ratio with Cover A
    • Cover B was also used as part of an interlocking image for Covers A to D of Ghostbusters Volume Two Issue #1.
  • C
    • Cover C was used as part of an interlocking image for Covers A to D of Ghostbusters Volume Two Issue #1.
  • D
    • Cover D was used as part of an interlocking image for Covers A to D of Ghostbusters Volume Two Issue #1.
  • RI
    • The Retailer Incentive or Incentive Cover usually a 1:10 ratio with Cover A
    • There can be more types such as RI A and RI B, with RI A in a 1:10 ratio with Cover A and RI B in a 1:25 ratio with Cover A
    • RI B can sometimes be multiple one of a kind versions and as rare as RE covers. For example, Ghostbusters: Infestation Issue One had 250 copies printed of the RI B Cover but each is one of a kind with a different character on each cover.
  • RE
    • The Retailer Exclusive Cover
      • The second to most rare of covers. There are 500 printed total but several different versions limited to one comic book store franchise each. For example, Ghostbusters Issue One had nine different RE Covers with 500 of each restricted to their respective comic book retailer.
  • Con
    • The Convention Cover
      • The Con Cover is limited to 1000 copies total and can only be found at a specific convention. For example, Ghostbusters Volume One Issue #13 had the only Convention Cover variant of the IDW run so far and was done for a guest appearance by Ernie Hudson.
  • Sub Var
    • Subscription Variant Cover
      • The Sub Var Cover is a cover only for loyal subscription box customers at local comic book shops. For example, Ghostbusters Volume Two Issue #1 is currently the only issue in the ongoing series to have a Subscription Variant Cover.


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