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Modern Publishing is the American publisher of children's activity books. Usually noted on the back and introduction of the books. Sometimes the series is known as the "Honey Bear Books" series, as most of the books have the logo on the front.

List of BooksEdit

Note that all books are tie-ins to the Ghostbusters II film.

  • Coloring Book (large teal)
  • Coloring Book (large yellow)
  • Flip 'n' Fun - Activity Pad (large green)
  • Flip 'n' Fun - Activity Pad (large blue)
  • Activity Book (yellow)
  • Puzzles And Mazes (orange)
  • Flip 'n' Fun - Jokes, Riddles & Coloring Book (blue)
  • Flip 'n' Fun - Jokes, Riddles & Coloring Book (yellow)
  • Flip 'n' Fun - Jokes, Riddles & Coloring Book (pink)
  • Flip 'n' Fun - Jokes, Riddles & Coloring Book (green)
  • Activity Fun Box

External LinksEdit


  • Many of the illustrations avoid looking like the actors.
    • Egon lacks glasses.
    • Ray has a mustache.
  • The Giga meter design seen throughout the books is not the same as seen in the final movie.
  • Many of the props such as the proton packs and traps are based on the designs to The Real Ghostbusters and not the film.
  • As this was likely developed fairly early in production of the film, it depicts some deleted scenes.
  • On page 18 of Ghostbusters: Get Real Issue #1, on the white board, in the middle under Chi-You's photo, is group art from the book.
  • On page 11 of Ghostbusters: Get Real Issue #3, group art from the book appears in the middle of the whiteboard, under Chi-You's photo.


Some images come from Spook Central (Fan Site). The whole pdf of the book can be found there.

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