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Ghostbusters II (Chapter 19): Scaring the Straights

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Scaring the Straights
Type Scene
From Ghostbusters II
Character(s) Peter Venkman
Dana Barrett
Egon Spengler
Ray Stantz
Winston Zeddemore
Maître D'
Slimed Restaurant Patron
Restaurant Cop No.1
Restaurant Cop No.2
Mayor's Doorman
Louis Tully
Janine Melnitz
Gracie Mansion Butler
Mayor Lenny
Jack Hardemeyer
Orderly No. 1
Orderly No. 2
Run time 06:21 (1:06:55 to 1:13:16)

Scaring the Straights is the nineteenth Chapter on the DVDs of Ghostbusters II. In this Chapter Egon, Ray, and Winston get thrown out of the restaurant and go see the Mayor.




Peter: There seem to be three million completely miserable assholes living in the tri-state area.

Hardemeyer: Oh please.
Peter: I beg your pardon. Three million and one.

Gb2 mult audio14
Vigo: So be it. On this day of darkness, she will be ours. Wife to you, and mother to me.
Gb2 mult audio15



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