In Ghostbusters II the Deleted Scene: Possessed Ray Driving Ray Stantz is briefly possessed by Vigo following the Ghostbusters' unannounced visit to the Manhattan Museum of Art. Egon reveals the restoration room had P.K.E. levels at max-plus. It is agreed more research on Vigo and Janosz Poha is warranted. The next day, Ray Stantz begins driving very fast and angrily. He runs a red light and declares he's going to kill everybody. Winston Zeddemore socks Ray and hits the brakes. Ecto-1a skids and crashes into a tree. Everyone is okay. Ray snaps out it and apologizes to everyone. While everyone checks on Ecto, Peter Venkman tells Egon Spengler not to let Ray shave.


A sequence of the driving segment was reused for the first montage seen in Chapter 12: Two in the Box.

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