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Ghostbusters Incorporated aka "Ghostbusters Inc" (previously called "Ghostbusters International®" and also referred to as "GBI®") is a Ghostbuster fan site that is owned and maintained by Richard Roy. For information on Richard's The Real Ghostbusters Site, go to Ectocontainment.


Ghostbusters International® started as an off-shoot of's forum's in the "GB International Franchises" section. It was announced by Louis B. Tully to be in the works on Oct 18, 2002 at[2] However, not much was done til Richard Roy stepped up to save the project. On Labor Day September 2003, the site became a reality on the url . It had a full list of Fan Franchise, News updates on franchise events, and a board. In October 2004 the site moved one more time to its own domain at

February 2014, the site is renamed "Ghostbusters Incorporated/Ghostbusters Inc" and has moved to .


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