Ghostbusters Meet the Laser Ghost was a storybook-and-cassette set published by Peter Pan books in 1985. Unlike most Ghostbusters related items this was based on the first movie and not based on the animated series. Peter Pan also released Ghostbusters Meet the Ghost Riders, which also includes the sing-along "Ghostbustin' Machine".


While biking past the old Patterson house, twelve-year-old Evan Dobbs thinks he sees a strange green mist drifting out one window. He tells his sister Lynn who agrees to go back to investigate after dinner. While they initially see nothing, a ghostly hand taps on the window they're looking through, scaring the kids into pedaling home as fast as they can. They come in just in time to see a commercial for the Ghostbusters. They pick up the phone and call.

Evan tells Venkman what happened and he instructs the kids to meet the Ghostbusters at the Patterson house. Once there, the Ghostbusters and the kids begin searching the house. They're beset by a ghostly dog then an entire swarm of ghosts, but when their proton packs have no effect Venkman tells the Ghostbusters their enemies aren't real. They're holograms created by a scientist named Simon Scarey, who only made the house seem haunted as a prank.


  • The Ghostbusters' proton packs are referred to as laser guns or laser rays in this story. The summary of the movie and new theme song on the tape also mention a "giant ghostbusting machine" that the Ghostbusters used to defeat Gozer. It's not elaborated on what piece of equipment this refers to.[1]
  • When he answers Evan's call, Venkman rattles off the slogan "If it floats through the air, don't worry, we don't scare. We'll get 'em night or day by zapping them with our laser ray."[2]

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