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Casting History for Ghostbusters.

Cast PlannedEdit

Note that due to the nature of this article, that some of the potential actors naming, we ask that references be placed by names.

CharacterWho it was wrote forpotential actorsWho Got Role
Peter VenkmanJohn BelushiRichard Pryor[1]Bill Murray
Ray StantzDan AykroydDan Aykroyd
Winston ZeddemoreEddie MurphyGregory Hines[2]Ernie Hudson
Egon SpenglerunknownHarold Ramis
Louis TullyJohn Candy[3]Rick Moranis
Janine MelnitzSandra Bernhardt[4]Annie Potts
Gozer (in the form of Ivo Shandor)Paul ReubensAnna Carlisle[5]Slavitzva Jovan


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