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There has been many perishables related products released for Ghostbusters.

List of ItemsEdit

Items based on the Films or Main FranchiseEdit

Ghost in a Can is Coke cola specially marked can.

Ghostbusters Cereal is brand of Cereal based on the Ghostbusters Franchise.

Ecto-Cooler is Orange-tangerine flavored drink color changed to green by Hi C. The drink was dicountinued in 1997, but was later temporarily reintroduced as Shoutin' Orange Tangerine Green.

Slimer Candy- was hard small candies in a plastic Slimer shell. This was released to promote Ghostbusters II.

Ghostbusters Ectoplasm Energy Drink is an energy drink that was released for the 25 anniversary.

Slimer Sours is a tin of hard candy that was released for the 25 anniversary.

Stay Puft Marshallow Products Line (Kingsway)

Ghostbusters candies (by World of Sweets)

Items based on The Real GhostbustersEdit

Slimer Toothpaste -was an The Real Ghostbusters promo using Slimer.

The Real Ghostbusters: Slimer Bubble Gum

Jell-o Ghostbusters Promo is a promo that included The Real Ghostbusters Sticker.

The Real Ghostbusters Pasta is a Heinz promo.

The Real Ghostbusters Crispy Potato Shapes which was produced by McCain for the UK.

The Real Ghostbusters Potato Snacks

Chix The Real Ghostbusters Candy Sticks

Slimer And The Real Ghostbusters Fruit Snacks

Los Cazafantasmas chicle bubble gum -was a limited edition gum made by General De Confiteria S.A. for Spain.

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