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Ghostbusters Playing Cards is a deck of stylistic cards based on the Ghostbusters universe. These cards were produced by Albino Dragon after getting enough backing on Kickstarter.

List of CardsEdit


Description given about the project:

  • Custom illustrated deck
  • Richly illustrated design
  • Intricately designed playing card backs
  • One of a kind court cards with characters based on Ghostbusters
  • Custom Jokers
  • Magic finish that allows cards to handle smoothly & last longer than cheaper playing card decks

Kickstarter Pledge LevelsEdit

  • (Pledge of $1 or more) I'm not interested this time around but I like what you guys are doing and can't wait to see what you come up with next!
  • (Pledge of $15 or more) 1 Ghostbusters deck.
  • (Pledge of $28 or more) 2 Ghostbusters deck.
  • (Pledge of $40 or more) 3 Ghostbusters deck.
  • (Pledge of $52 or more) 4 Ghostbusters deck.
  • (Pledge of $64 or more) 5 Ghostbusters deck.
  • (Pledge of $75 or more) 6 Ghostbusters deck.
  • (Pledge of $135 or more) 1 Brick (12 decks) of Ghostbusters.


A Kickstarter for "Ghostbusters: The Board Game" was started on August 26, 2014.[1]

On August 28th, the project reached it's funding goal of 10,000 [2]

When the Kickstarter had finished they had 937 backers with a total sum of $23,130.


  1. Kickstarter "Ghostbusters Playing Cards" Professor Stephen Candy on August 26
  2. Kickstarter "Ghostbusters Playing Cards": Funded!; Note that the date of update #1 was Aug 28 2014.

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