Ghostbusters Stay Puft Series: Ghostbusters Shooters by Marshmallow Fun Company.

List of ProductsEdit

List was formed based on Facebook timeline cover description by Marshmallow Shooter Company.

  • Ghostbusters Blaster
  • Ghostbusters Mini Bow & Mallow
  • Ghostbusters Orb Slime Ball
  • Ghostbusters Shooter
  • Ghostbusters Snap Dragon
  • Ghostbusters Straight Shooter 4 pack
  • Ghostbusters Marshmallows Ammo(convention exclusive in spring 2014)[1]

  • Ghostbusters Double Shooter (Originally was planned for 2015, but never saw release)
  • Ghostbusters Bow & Mallow (Remains unreleased, release date unknown)


  1. Marshmallow Shooter conversation with Ghostbusters Wiki on Facebook "We won't have the Ghostbusters marshmallows. That was for the show that year." -Marshmallow Shooter

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