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Forum Administrators at Ghostbusters Wiki maintain the balance at the wiki and the flow of where the wiki is heading.

Current Administrators

Devilmanozzy a Bureaucrat is an Administrator and has seen the wiki grow from 55 articles to 670 articles. He is best known for editing and starting articles. He also provides many of the images at the wiki. He has now over 43,600 edits.

Mrmichaelt a Sysop is an Administrator. He is active in Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, The Real Ghostbusters, Extreme Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Legion, Ghost Busted Manga, and IDW Comics where he develops more new character, equipment, and location articles and edits the articles of the various entities the Ghostbusters have encountered. He is also helping with the Timeline Project. He now has over 27,700 edits.

Former or Inactive Administrators

Note that just because an Administrator is listed here, doesn't mean they can't perform administrative duties. It simply means that they currently are not editing at this wiki normally and are not available to perform administrative duties or help others on a regular basis.

SonofSamhain a Sysop is an Administrator. He has so far been very active with getting all the animated series characters articles started. He many times will add text content to articles and build a given article up. He now has over 2,529 edits, plus 135 edits as user

Zakor1138 a Sysop is an Administrator. He has been known for developing many of the character pages for the NOW Comics section. He has over 1,063 edits.

Liberal Noob a Sysop was an Administrator featuring abilities in editing templates. He built up many of the movie and video game related articles. He usually was the type of editor to fix grammar and spelling errors too. He became too busy with jobs to edit here any longer. He had made 1,112 edits.

TrumpetManLA a Bureaucrat was the second Administrator and helped build up much of the section for the first film. He stopped editing due to grad. college getting intense. He had made 430 edits.

Gbfreak2021 a Bureaucrat was the user to start the wiki back in May 27, 2006. He never edited or posted here.

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