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Introduction to Ghostbusters Wiki

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To Our First Time Visitors:
We at Ghostbusters Wiki would like to welcome all the new fans and those interested in the Ghostbusters Franchise. If you are new to Ghostbusters, please read our simple summary of the Ghostbusters Franchise. We also encourage you to read our Introduction Page, which is to help you avoid conflict within the community here. We hope you enjoy it here as much as we all do.

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    Ghostbusters Main Section

Ghostbusters 2016 Canon                    Major Movies    and    Popular Video Game Canon
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Major Animated Canon
The Real GhostbustersThe Real Ghostbusters Season GuideThe Real Ghostbusters Character GuideRGBIcon
Slimer!Slimer! Season GuideSlimer!#CharactersSIcon
Extreme GhostbustersExtreme Ghostbusters Season GuideExtreme Ghostbusters Character GuideEGBIcon
The Real Ghostbusters Slimer! Extreme Ghostbusters

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    Brief Summery of the Ghostbusters Films

"Ghostbusters" the movie was released in theaters in 1984 and was the start of the franchise. It featured three Scientists that specialized in paranormal studies taking on remove of paranormal with equipment that captures and then contains the vermin. Similar to bug exterminators.

"Ghostbusters II" was released in theaters in 1989 and had the return of all four ghostbusters. They did battle with Vigo and battled Mood slime.

PeterIcon RayIcon EgonIcon WinstonIcon JanineIcon SlimerIcon StayPuftIcon TerrorDogIcon GozerIcon
Peter Ray Egon Winston Janine Slimer Stay Puft Terror Dog Gozer
LouisIcon DanaIcon WalterIcon JackIcon JanoszIcon LibrarianIcon LibertyIcon TheatreIcon VigoIcon
Louis Dana Walter Jack Janosz Librarian Liberty Theatre Vigo

PackIcon PKEmeterIcon TrapIcon GogglesIcon SnifferIcon GigameterIcon ScoopIcon BlowerIcon UnitIcon
Pack PKE meter Trap Goggles Sniffer Giga meter Scooper Blower Unit

    Brief Summery of the Ghostbusters Cartoon Shows

In 1986, a animated series based on Ghostbusters started to air on saturday mornings called The Real Ghostbusters. It had all four ghostbusters from the film, along with they secretary Janine and they pet and mascot Slimer. The show ran 6 years and had 7 seasons and a total of 140 episodes.
In 1997, a sequel animated series Extreme Ghostbusters aired in syndication. It featured a new team, along with returning Egon, Janine, and Slimer. The show had one season of 40 episodes.

PeterAIcon RayAIcon EgonAIcon WinstonAIcon JanineAIcon SlimerAIcon StayPuftAIcon SamhainIcon BoogiemanIcon
Peter Ray Egon Winston Janine Slimer Stay Puft Samhain Boogieman
EduardoIcon GarrettIcon KylieIcon RolandIcon AchiraIcon SurtIcon TempusIcon GhashIcon GrundelIcon
Eduardo Garrett Kylie Roland Achira Surt Tempus Ghash Grundel

PackAIcon PKEmeterAIcon TrapAIcon GogglesAIcon GhostBombIcon PistolIcon BeaconIcon ProjectorIcon UnitAIcon
Pack PKE meter Trap Goggles Bomb Pistol Beacon Projector Unit

    Ongoing Wiki Projects

Suggestions on improving the Slider may be posted here.

Tom Waltz (Writer of Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime) did an interview which is posted here.

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