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Xbox Marketplace is a digital distribution platform for XBox players to purchase video games, demos, add-on content, dashboard themes, and downloading video content.

Add-On ContentEdit

Ghostbusters: The Video GameEdit

A picture pack was released on June 24, 2009. [1]

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of SlimeEdit

Following the release of Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime, avatars were available: Alan Crendall's Ghostbusters Ball Cap, Ghostbusters Jumpsuit, Ecto-4WD, Slimer, and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. [2]


  • Picture Pack: $2.99
  • Ecto-4WD: 320 MSP or $1.99
  • Ghostbusters Baseball Cap: 80 MSP or $1.00
  • Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man: 320 MSP or $1.99
  • Slimer: 320 MSP or $1.99
  • Ghostbusters Jumpsuit: 240 MSP or $1.00

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  1. Proton Charging "Xbox gets a taste of Ghostbusters DLC!" 6/24/09
  2. Proton Charging "Sanctum of Slime release day – Xbox Avatar swag!" 3/22/11


Ghostbusters: The Video GameEdit

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of SlimeEdit

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