Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II Slimed Double Feature Gift Set is a two disc DVD box set or as single movie disc releases. It is of the 2005 versions of the DVDs, which are noted for being brighter than the 1999 DVDs, however it suffers for blow outs in places including the Gozer Temple scenes and the Slimer haunting in Sedgewick Hotel.


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UMD for PSP VersionEdit

Released in 2005, this is a UMD movie of Ghostbusters for PSP.

Reissue with Stay Puft FigureEdit


The Reissue that included a Stay Puft statue.

Limited Edition Gift Set
In 2009, following the release of Ghostbusters: The Video Game and the Blu-ray version of Ghostbusters the film, they re-released The box set with a new Stay Puft figure.

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These images were provided to both Spook Central (Fan Site) and Ghostbusters Wiki as a joint project.

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