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Many Ghostbusters candies are currently being released in the late fall/early winter of 2015, produced by World of Sweets in the United Kingdom.

List of ProductsEdit

Note, this list still in development. Many items may be missing from the list.

  • Ghostbusters: Popping Candy
    • 8 Pack: (4) Apple Flavour, (4) Strawberry Flavour
    • 50 Pack: contains Apple Flavour and Strawberry Flavour packs
  • Ghostbusters: Choc Discs - Milk Chocolate Shapes
  • Ghostbusters: Slimer Chocs - Goo Filled Milk Chocolates
  • Ghostbusters: Jelly Lollipops - Jelly Lollipops With Icing
  • Ghostbusters: Stay Puft Marshmallow Lollipops
  • Ghostbusters: Slimer Edible Ectoplasm
  • Ghostbusters: Photon Beams Sour Fruit Flavour Sugar Coated Laces
  • Ghostbusters: Jellies Bag
  • Ghostbusters: Interactive Jellies
  • Ghostbusters: Slimer Jellies
  • Ghostbusters Protom Beams: Picture Projector & Candy (2016 film based designs)
    • Cherry Blaze (Slimer light)
    • Strawberry Storm (Stay Puft light)
    • Raspberry Strike (No Ghost Logo light)
  • Ghostbusters Laser Pops: Picture Projector & Candy (classic based designs)
    • Cherry Blast (Slimer light)
    • Strawberry Burst
    • Raspberry Rage

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