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Ghostbusters in Foreign Markets is for anything made for anywhere outside of America. Because Ghostbusters Wiki is an English wiki, the pages will be in English, explaining the differences.

Most pages are built from what little can be found or understood about the term and aspect being covered. Lots of times simple resources like Wikipedia and ImdB are being used, which are user submitted information. Due to the nature of the content, some things may be debatable or proven wrong at a later time. Many times, to confirm something, multiple references may be needed.

Sections about LanguagesEdit

Noted Nations and Territories are listed after a given Language. Any noted translations of Ghostbusters are provided as well. In three of the five Spain located translations of Ghostbusters related works, it was only the Real Ghostbusters translation; so the link from the name goes to a page about it.

Language/Page Translations of Title Countries/Territories
Ghostbusters Arabic غوستباسترز (unofficially) Saudi Arabia
Ghostbusters Basque Mamu Arrapariak Spain
Ghostbusters Bulgarian Ловци на духове
Аовци на духове (stylistically it
looks like title printed)
Ghostbusters Catalan Els Caçafantasmes Spain
Ghostbusters Chinese 魔鬼剋星 China
Hong Kong
Ghostbusters Croatian Istjerivači duhova Croatia
Ghostbusters Czech Krotitelé duchů Czech Republic
Ghostbusters Danish Denmark
Ghostbusters Dutch Belgium
Ghostbusters English UK
Ghostbusters Finnish Haamujengi Finland
Ghostbusters French S.O.S. Fantômes France
Ghostbusters Galician Os Cazapantasmas Spain
Ghostbusters Georgian მოჩვენებებზე მონადირეები
Ghostbusters German Geisterjäger Germany
Ghostbusters Greek ΓΚΟΣΤΜΠΑΣΤΕΡΣ Greece
Ghostbusters Hebrew מכסחי השדים Israel
Ghostbusters Hindi भूत दर्द (unofficially) India
Ghostbusters Hungarian Szellemirtók Hungary
Ghostbusters Icelandic Draugabanar Iceland
Ghostbusters Italian Acchiappafantasmi Italy
Ghostbusters Japanese ゴーストバスターズ Japan
Ghostbusters Korean 고스트 버스터즈 South Korea
Ghostbusters Malay Pemburu Hantu (unofficially) Indonesia
Ghostbusters Mongolian Сүнсний ангуучид (unofficially) Mongolia
Ghostbusters Norwegian Spøkelsesligaen (unknown if official) Norway
Ghostbusters Persian شکارچیان روح
Ghostbusters Polish Pogromcy Duchów Poland
Ghostbusters Portuguese Os Caça-Fantasmas Brazil
Ghostbusters Romanian Vânătorii de fantome
Ghostbusters Russian Охотники за привидениями Russia
Ghostbusters Slovak Krotitelia duchov
Ghostbusters Spanish Los Cazafantasmas Spain
Ghostbusters Swedish Ghostbusters - Spökligan Sweden
Ghostbusters Thai บริษัทกำจัดผี (unofficially) Thailand
Ghostbusters Turkish Hayalet Avcıları Turkey
Ghostbusters Ukrainian Мисливці за привидами Ukraine
Ghostbusters Valencian
(debatably a Catalan dialect)
Els Caçafantasmes Spain

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