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Ghostbusters in Foreign Markets is for anything made for anywhere outside of America. Because Ghostbusters Wiki is an English wiki, the pages will be in English, explaining the differences.

Most pages are built from what little can be found or understood about the term and aspect being covered. Lots of times simple resources like Wikipedia and ImdB are being used, which are user submitted information. Due to the nature of the content, some things may be debatable or proven wrong at a later time. Many times, to confirm something, multiple references may be needed.

Different Translations of "Ghostbusters"Edit

The following sections list known translations. The order for which they appear is based on English alphabet order of language names. Sometimes they reverted to standard English titles for Ghostbusters II or Real Ghostbusters. Their debut foreign name is still listed here as it is many times still known as such.

Officially used TranslationsEdit

To be deemed official, it needs to be printed in something licensed.

  • 魔鬼剋星 from China
  • Krotitelé duchů from Czech Republic
  • Haamujengi from Finland
  • S.O.S. Fantômes from France and occasionally Canada
  • Geisterjäger from Germany
  • ΓΚΟΣΤΜΠΑΣΤΕΡΣ from Greece
  • Szellemirtók from Hungary
  • מכסחי השדים from Israel
  • Acchiappafantasmi from Italy
  • ゴーストバスターズ from Japan
  • 고스트 버스터즈 from South Korea
  • Pogromcy Duchów from Poland

Commonly used TranslationsEdit

Translations that usually are used in sales or to simply be able to understand what the franchise is about.

  • غوستباسترز from Saudi Arabia and Egypt (Arabic Language)
  • भूत दर्द from India (Hindi Language)
  • Pemburu Hantu from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore (Malay Language)
  • Istjerivači duhova from Croatia (Croatian Language)

Sections about LanguagesEdit

Noted Nations and Territories are listed after a given Language.

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