Gobblin' Goblin Figure: Terror Tongue an action figure which was part of Kenners The Real Ghostbusters Toy Line's Gobblin' Goblin sets.

The Gobblin' Goblin line also included Nasty Neck and Terrible Teeth.

Toy DescriptionEdit

Terror Tongue

Front of Card NotesEdit

Change Little Creature into Giant Tongue Monster!

Back of Card InstructionEdit

Note on image: Pull tail tab up to catch and hold.
1. Here's a pleasant little creature that doesn't seem ferocious, but look out! Push down on his tail and he changes into...
2. Terror Tongue! It's a powerful ghost that can knock down The Real Ghostbusters Heroes- pull back on his tail to roll up his tongue and make him "eat" the heroes.

Series DescriptionEdit

Description from Action Toy Guide 1990 Spring:
Seemingly friendly ghosts that transform into scary, fearsome monsters who gobble The Real Ghostbusters. There's Terror Tongue, Nasty Neck, and Terrible Teeth.

Variation InformationEdit



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