Golems are a type of creature that are best known as being made of either a substance or items from an environment.

Golems from Ghostbusters: The Video Game & Ghostbusters: Sanctum of SlimeEdit

Golems in the video game mostly are composed of environment objects, and are the result of a ghost using its power to possess various objects and infuse them into one solid manifestation. They are named "Golems" mostly because they are created from inanimate objects. Some Golems are also composed of ectoplasmic residue such as Black Slime Monsters and Slime Abomination.

List of GolemsEdit

Golem from Extreme Ghostbusters "The True Face of a Monster"Edit

There is also a Golem in Extreme Ghostbusters. This creature is an "actual" Golem from Jewish folklore. A powerful being whose existence is bound to an ancient scroll, it is meant to stop racism by any means necessary. It is made of clay. For more information on this type of creature go to the Golem article.

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