"The prime motivator is a demon named W(h)at."

This article is about a character or concept that has no name. The name used is decided by Admins. For issues of what name, please raise it on the talk page.

The Goofy Nose Ghost is a benign entity that appears to laugh without pause.


At some point, the Goofy Nose Ghost was captured and put into the Containment Unit. When Roland Jackson and Kylie Griffin secretly used the Ectoplasmic Frequency Monitor and Ectoplasmic Entity Projection Unit to communicate with the Grundel, Roland accidentally projected the Goofy Nose Ghost. They sent it back into the unit and found the Grundel.


  • In a draft of "Grundelesque", the ghost is referred to as a "Goofy-Looking Demon" and "Stupid Demon" [1]


Extreme Ghostbusters


  1. Martin Olson scribd "Grundelesque" draft page 11 11/22/13


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