Gozo is the long-forgotten son of Gozer the Destructor and he's part of the same, long-dead ancient species called the Gozerians whom his "father" also reigned.


Gozo made his first appearance in the comic story "Stonehenge Revenge!" published in Marvel Comics Ltd's The Real Ghostbusters 1990 Annual. He wanted revenge on the Ghostbusters for destroying his "father". He came through an inter-dimensional portal at Stonehenge and, like his "father", he made the Ghostbusters choose the form of the avenger. This time, Egon accidentally thought of a mushroom and Gozo took the form of a giant mushroom. In order to defeat Gozo, who got his power from Stonehenge, the Ghostbusters destroyed the stone structure, then captured him.

Later, in the story "Equal Frights!", Gozo is released when the Ghostbusters learn that the ghosts they captured in the United Kingdom were a major part of the tourist economy.


Marvel Comics Ltd- The Real Ghostbusters Series


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