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Graffiti Artist is a artist that likes to spray paint art on the Seward Street Subway Station. He is in the 2016 movie.


He is well known to Patty for spraying the walls. While Erin, Abby, and Jillian were investigating the Patty's claims, he was found on the platform. Abby with Erin's clarification asked him if he has seen a ghost down there. He replied yes and painted a ghost on the wall before Patty could stop him. Jillian took a liking to the ghost art.


  • In this universe, he unknowingly created the Ghostbusters logo they used later in the film.
  • He notes that his art studio is actually in SoHo, a neighborhood in in Lower Manhattan. The neighborhood was known for artist moving in during the 1970's.[1]
    • It is one neighborhood north of TriBeCa, where the Firehouse in real life is located.


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