Greenwich Village is a colorful and world renowned western section of New York City's Lower Manhattan and is home to more art galleries per square inch than most cities.


The Ghostbusters and Alice Derleth visited east Greenwich to stop the Cult of Cathulhu in the basement of Wagner's Occult Shop. They narrowly avoided certain death at the tentacles of a Shuggoth when Derleth cast a spell. Years later, they formed a stake out at Washington Square Arch in a failed attempt to capture the Mean Green Teen Machine. Soon after, they tracked Slimer to the Washington Square area after he was kidnapped and ransomed off by Spiderlegs' Henchmen.

In 1997, the Component Parts Emanations of Piper attacked a N.Y. Tours bus in Greenwich. The driver pulled over and most of the tourists were able to flee to safety except for one.

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