Guard Bobby [1] is a security guard who has been stationed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Bright Wave High Tech Industries, and United Nations Headquarters.


In 1997, while on patrol with a co-worker, Bobby discovered a thief, Steve Rifkin. Bobby picked up one of the Runes of Kahlil. He inadvertently became the first of 13 chosen to be enslaved to Kahlil. The Messenger of Kahlil appeared and took Bobby to Kahlil's Dimension. Bobby and other 12 were eventually liberated by the Extreme Ghostbusters and returned home. Months later, Bobby and his co-worker encountered three Spirit Slaves who stole The LB-7 but were knocked out. They gave the Ghostbusters descriptions of the ghosts during their investigation. Bobby also worked a shift at the United Nations Headquarters. He and two other guards threw out the Ghostbusters after they explained a Sphinx was in the building.


Extreme Ghostbusters


  1. Other Security Guard (2009). Extreme Ghostbusters- Casting the Runes (1997) (DVD ts. 4:05-4:09). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Other says: "He spits out a ball of fire and takes Bobby away."

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