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H. Grossman Ltd. produced Ghostbusters (2016 Movie) Merchandise is a line of products made by H. Grossman Ltd. (aka: HGL) that are based on the Ghostbusters 2016 Movie Merchandise Wave.

List of ItemsEdit

  • Keyring (Item #: SV12814)
  • Finger Fright (Item #:SV12813)
  • (small) Slime (Item #: SV13089)
  • Slime (Item #: SV12807)
  • Slime Gel (Item #: SV12988)
  • Bubble Wand (Item #: SV12794)
  • Bubble Gun (Item #: SV12987)
  • Splat Ball (Item #: SV12975)
  • Spring (Item #: SV12797)
  • Groan Tube (Item #: SV12798)
  • Whoopee Cushion (Item #: SV12796)
  • Return Top (Item #: SV12793)
  • Drawing Board (Item #: SV12810)
  • Blow Up Mini Bopper (Item #: SV12795)
  • Laughing Bag (Item #: SV12809)
  • Helmet (Item #: SV12800)
  • Satchel Skateboard (Item #: SV12789)
  • Pogo Stick (Item #: SV12790)
  • 2-Wheel Scooter (Item #: SV12786)
  • 2-Wheel Light Up Scooter (Item #: SV12787)
  • Folding Chair (Item #: SV12792)
  • Moon Chair (Item #: SV12791)

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