Hanover is a small town in southern New Jersey terrorized by the Jersey Devil.


During the War of 1812 and Second Barbary War, Commodore Stephen Decatur visited Hanover to inspect cannons and encountered the Jersey Devil. Decatur saved the town by blasting the devil with a cannonball. [1] He kept a fragment of the devil and had it forged into a sword. [2] In 1997, during the town's bicentennial celebration, the Extreme Ghostbusters stopped by initially to authenticate the Sword of Stephen Decatur at the Museum of Ironworks then to stop the Jersey Devil once and for all. The townspeople believed the Ghostbusters were responsible for angering the devil. Due to their collective fears, they allowed the Sheriff White to try and sacrifice them to appease the devil. They had a change of heart and helped fend off the devil so the Ghostbusters could lure into the forge it once emerged from.

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  • Hanover is the name of several towns in New Jersey due to an "arcane usage of place names" at the time. This Hanover was incorporated in 1797 and lies in southern Jersey near the Pine Barrens.


Extreme Ghostbusters


  1. Old Ben (2009). Extreme Ghostbusters- The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It (1997) (DVD ts. 06:30-06:45). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Ben says: "Old J.D. erupted out of this very forge over 200 years ago. Commodore Decatur stopped him from destroying the town with a cannonball in the gut. They shut down the forge not long after."
  2. Old Ben (2009). Extreme Ghostbusters- The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It (1997) (DVD ts. 10:03-10:10). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Ben says: "Decatur's cannonball actually ripped a chunk out of J.D.. He forged the demon fragment into this sword."


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