The Happy Tails Obedience School [1] is a facility centered around obedience lessons for pet dogs.


Mrs. Van Huego signed up Fred for lessons at the Happy Tails Obedience School. Slimer followed and infiltrated the class disguised as a Puli. Bruiser presided as instructor and was annoyed by Slimer's performance. However, Stone and Bruiser were overwhelmed by them. Once Van Huego returned to pick up Fred at 5, Stone and Bruiser graduated Fred rather than have him back the next day. They then boarded up the school and posted an 'Out of Business' sign.

Known EmployeesEdit

Known StudentsEdit




  1. Mrs. Van Huego (2009). Slimer!- "Dog Days" (1989) (DVD ts. 14:41-14:44). Time Life Entertainment.


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