"My time has just begun! Your society is obsessed with appearance. I offer people the chance to overcome their insecurities."

- Heel; Ghost Busted (manga)

Heel is a demigod appearing in "The Devil Wears Nada" chapter of Ghost Busted.


According to "Maynard's Guide to the Occult," Heel is the Sumerian god of deception and allegedly the preferred concubine of Gozer. Heel often preys on human societies obsessed with appearance. Through their self-deception, Heel enslaves and conquers. In the present, Heel took on Madame Rambeau as his human agent and designed clothes. Heel planned on enslaving the citizens of New York by offering them elaborate outfits that dulled them from the strains of modern life.

The Ghostbusters were overrun by Heel's followers and retreated. They countered Heel's power with beige jumpsuits. Heel abandoned his boot form and wrangled the Ghostbusters into new outfits. He was weakened when Peter Venkman splashed red wine on him. Heel freaked out and tried to wash the stain out to no avail. The Ghostbusters opened fire and blasted him back to his own dimension. Heel returned next fashion season and admitted a beige jumpsuit wasn't such a bad look afterall.


Heel first appeared as giant boot with a fanged mouth in the toe and then as an androgynous-looking man in an outlandish dress.


Ghost Busted (manga)

  • Chapter 6


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