Hollis [1] is a pet cat owned by Claudia.


Claudia was a former practitioner of witchcraft after an accident led to the death of her friend Natasha. [2] [3] During the massive uptick in spectral energy caused by Proteus' presence on the physical plane, Natasha's ghost manifested in the Garment District and crossed paths with Claudia. The Ghostbusters happened to be passing by and trapped Natasha. Claudia thanked them and promised to repay them somehow. While watching the news coverage of the battle between the Ghostbusters and the Proteus-possessed Atlas statue at Rockefeller Plaza, Claudia decided to cast a simple spell on the Ghostbusters to repay her debt to them. Despite Hollis' objection, Claudia found a simple ward for protection as a compromise for her promise never to spellcast again. [4] She cast the spell just as Proteus blasted the Ghostbusters. Instead of being transported to his chosen nexus, the Ghostbusters were teleported to a parallel dimension. [5] Proteus teleported to Claudia's home and paralyzed her. Claudia was glad to hear she saved the Ghostbusters. Proteus vowed to get them back, turned her into a blue bird for interfering, and left her alone with Hollis.



IDW Comics


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