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Hot Wheels (owned by Mattel) currently releases Ghostbusters related items yearly. It started during the 25th Anniversary.

List of ReleasesEdit

  • Hot Wheels Ecto-1
    • 2010 Ecto-1 standard
    • 2010 ComicCon Exclusive
    • 2012 Halloween Kroger's Exclusive
    • 2014 Halloween Kroger Ralph's Fry's Exclusive Re-Paint
    • 2014 Film Packaging Re-Release (Features Slimer on black packaging)
    • 2015 Film Packaging Re-Release (Features Ecto-1 on black packaging)
    • 2015 Mexico 8' Convention Exclusive
    • 2016 Ghostbusters Themed Line Re-Issue
  • Hot Wheels 1:43 Scale Ecto-1A
    • 2012 Elite
  • Hot Wheels 1:18 Scale Ecto-1
    • 2013 Heritage Edition
    • 2014 30th Anniversary Elite
  • Hot Wheels Ecto-1A
    • 2014 (Features Scoleri Brothers on black packaging)
  • Hot Wheels Ecto-1 Ghostbusters Cartoon Car
    • 2015 Ecto-1 Cartoon Car standard
  • Hot Wheels: Ecto-1 And Ecto-2 2-Pack (Released on May 1, 2016. Based on 2016 Movie.)
  • Hot Wheels: Ecto-1 And Ecto-1A 2-Pack (Released on May 1, 2016. Part of the "Classics" line.)
  • 2016 Ghostbusters Themed Line (Coming in December 2016 as a Walmart Exclusive)[1]
    • Drift Tech (Features Stay Puft Marshmallow Man packaging)
    • Bread Box (Features Slimer packaging)
    • Battle Spec (Features Ghost Trap packaging)
    • Spectyte (Features Ghostbusters 2 packaging)
    • Audacious (Features Terror Dog packaging)
    • Phastasm (Features Team packaging)
    • Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (Features Ecto-1 packaging)
    • Power Rocket (Features Slimed No-ghost Logo packaging)


  1. Ghost Corps Facebook Page: "Happy Friday! 8 new Hot Wheels Ghostbusters cars from Mattel!"


All images are of the Ghostbusters Themed Line. Images are edits of a 360 image posted by Ghost Corps.

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