The Hudson River Pier [1] is an older pier on the Hudson, across of the New Jersey Shore.


After a reconnaissance mission and one plan went wrong, Egon Spengler had everyone meet up at the old Hudson River Pier. From there, they would concentrate their firepower and hope it would be enough to stop Mee-Krah from advancing into New York City. However, the plan failed and the Ghostbusters were forced to retreat. Mee-Krah blasted and scorched most of the pier in the process.


The Real Ghostbusters

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  1. Egon Spengler (2009). The Real Ghostbusters - "Standing Room Only" (1988) (DVD ts. 17:17-17:21). Time Life Entertainment. Egon says: "We'll be waiting at the old Hudson River Pier across the Jersey shore."


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