The Hungry Manitou [1] (also known as The Brainbug, Manitou Ghost, and Brainbug Possessor) [2] is a powerful entity tied to a demon curse levied by a Native American medicine man in the 1600s [3] who possessed a boy named Scotty and Peter Venkman and took over the Fantastic Land just outside Schenectady.


The Hungry Manitou was an Indian curse placed on European settlers in the Pre-Revolutionary War era, as early as 1616 A.D., by a medicine man. The Manitou possessed people and feasted on their souls. The more emotional, the better the Manitou was satiated. Over time, it quickly developed a taste for the greedy. However, the Manitou began wiping out whole settlements. The medicine man regretted his decision and tried to call it off in vain. Instead, he made a deal with the Manitou. Roughly once per generation, the Hungry Manitou appeared somewhere in New York and conducted a cycle haunting, fed, and went back into hibernation. [4] According to the updated Bilderberg Guide, the Manitou manifested at Woodstock (not that the Hippies noticed).

Just after the grand opening of a new Fantastic Land, one of the first patrons of the park was possessed by a powerful spirit. Scotty's physical appearance was transmogrified as a result. The spirit began forming lesser spiritual constructs and erected an impenetrable green force field around the park. It was also able to speak through the field by forming a face and mouth, only telling those outside to go away. The Ghostbusters were called in by the Governor to deal with the situation. A Proton Grenade was able to temporarily punch a hole in the field and harm the entity, allowing the guys to venture inside. They discovered the park itself was also transmogrified by the spirit. The Manitou recovered and sealed up the field, stranding the Ghostbusters inside. They fought through several of its minions and found the Manitou, who was about to feed on 16 victims in the northwest corner of the park. The Manitou ignored the Ghostbusters and dispatched Bruce the Horrible Chimp Manifestation. They quickly captured it, the Manitou was impressed and agreed to speak with them. Over the course of the audience, it sensed great greed in Peter Venkman and possessed him.

However, when the Manitou sensed no fear it set up an audience with Peter on the mental plane while also battling the other three Ghostbusters. Peter quickly realized the Manitou wasn't being completely honest with its reasons and deduced it became addicted to devouring souls of hosts overcome with fear. The Manitou became enraged and denied Peter's claim. However, upon realizing Peter would never show fear, the Manitou vacated Peter's body to find another to feed on. The Ghostbusters immediately confined it in three streams and trapped it.


Egon Spengler stated the Manitou was a Class 6 at minimum. [5]


The Manitou has the powers of flight, possession, animation, creation and control of lesser constructs, transmogrification, and force field generation. It also see has several more unique abilities such as looking into people's souls, speaking with hosts on the mental plane, and splitting its concentration between the physical and mental planes.

The Manitou requires more than close spiritual proximity to facilitate its feeding on the victim's soul. It is addicted to greedy souls overcome with fear and desire to run away.


As described by Tristan Jones and Dan Schoening, the Manitou has a body reminiscent of brain-like matter and a bulky flesh like human gums, eight eyes, feeble "Alien Queen" forearms and bigger "Popeye" arms, a tail reminiscent of a spinal cord, and retracting stinger tentacles. [6]


  • In Native American mythology, a Matche-Manitou is considered a bad spirit. [7]
  • On the back cover of the Ghostbusters Volume 2 trade paperback, the Manitou design from page 26 of Issue #7 appears next to Mayor Lenny's right arm but is obscured by the lettering. It can be seen in the cover's unlettered format. [8]
  • On page 12 of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #6, Egon refers to the Hungry Manitou. [9]
  • On the Convention Cover of Ghostbusters: Get Real Issue #1, the Hungry Manitou makes a cameo right of the creative team's names.


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