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IDW Publishing Comics- Ghostbusters Volume 5 (also known as Ghostbusters- The New Ghostbusters) is a trade paperback collection published on July 10, 2013. It features a forward by Scott Tipton and covers gallery. A reprint was released on June 1, 2016 with a new cover by Carlos Valenzuela

This trade paperback collects:


The front and back cover is embossed, the first time for this series of trade collections.

Art from Volume 2 Issue #2 is reused several times for this trade collection

  • The front cover is a reuse Cover RI
  • The back cover is a reuse of Cover A
  • Page one is a reuse from page four
  • Page two takes images of Gareth Dibello from page 14 and also Jail Jaw Ghost page 7, panel two from Volume 2 Issue #1.
  • Page four is a reuse of page eight, panel five


On March 30, 2016, Carlos Valenzuela posted an unlettered version of the cover. [3]


  • The Diamond Order Code is MAY130306.


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