The Incantatoribus [1] is an ancient leather-bound book of incantations.


Molly took a parapsychology course during her freshman year at Columbia University as a joke. Before the end of the semester, her professor mentioned the Incantatoribus and she became obsessed with the book. Over the years, she was fooled and bought fakes. At some point, she finally procured it from a bookstore after paying a small fortune. She unwrapped the parcel paper from it and opened it to find it filled with blank pages. Suddenly, ink bloomed from a page and formed into "MOLLY." She shut the book then looked inside. More ink formed "RELEASE ME" then an incantation composed itself. Without thinking about the consequences, Molly read it aloud. The ink swirled out of the book into a clawed hand and reached for Molly. Idulnas thanked Molly then consumed her completely, body and soul.


Cryptozoic Entertainment


  1. Narrator (2015). Cryptozoic Entertainment- "Ghostbusters: The Board Game" (2015) (Comic p.2). Narrator says: "Molly had first heard about the book during a parapsychology class she had taken as a joke her freshman year at Columbia; the teacher had been fired before the end of the term, but his last class had mentioned the Incantatoribus, and the title had taken root in Molly's mind and made itself at home."

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