Not to be confused with the episode "The Infernal Machine"

The Infernal Machine [1] was a doomsday device devised by the demon Luko as a suitable host for his powers in order to punish mankind for advancing themselves too far.


In the late 17th century, Luko manipulated Antonio Garibaldi into inventing the machine as way to reproduce the Music of the Spheres. Once Garibaldi completed the machine, Luko possessed it. Realizing the error of his ways, Garibaldi disabled the machine and trapped Luko inside it. He named the device, the Infernal Machine.

In 1997, Roland Jackson was similarly implanted with information by Luko. Roland used all the cartridges from the Particle Throwers, at least one Trap, and the engine of Ecto-1. Once Roland completed his version of the Infernal Machine, Luko possessed it and began shooting up the city with lasers. However, the Throwers' cartridges were configured in an ionic transference circuit for more power. Once the cartridges were depleted, they would extract new ions from the machine's electromagnetic domain and cause a transmodal meltdown of Biblical proportions. [2] Since the Ghostbusters were without functioning blasters, the machine's central processing unit could not be effectively destroyed. Roland scaled the machine and activated a Trap. Once Luko was trapped, the machine safely imploded.


Extreme Ghostbusters


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