The Institute for Advanced Theoretical Research is a center dedicated to theoretical research and intellectual inquiry. Egon Spengler worked for the Institute between the events of the Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II.


The Institute for Advanced Theoretical Research is an independent research facility located somewhere on the campus of Columbia University. After the dissolution of the Ghostbusters following the Gozer Incident, Egon worked at the Institute. Other than collecting data on the human emotional states, in regards to a theory on its effect on the psychomagnotheric energy field, the full nature of his research is unknown. Egon was aided by a team of graduate students.

When Dana Barrett visited Egon at the Institute, he was studying the effect of room temperatures an unsuspecting couple in need of marriage counseling, the happiness index, and the affection test through two-way mirrors. At the time, he used a Monitor 4 Radiation Detector device to monitor human emotions.



  • In the Ghostbusters II August 5, 1988 draft, the institute has a slightly longer name - The Einstein Institute for Advanced Theoretical Research. [1]
  • The Institute stood in where Avery Hall is located on the Columbia University campus. Avery Hall is where the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation is located.
  • On page six of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #17, the Brain Chart from Egon's lab in the Institute make a cameo in the room by the Firehouse's R&D lab.


Ghostbusters II


  1. Aykroyd, Dan & Ramis, Harold (1988). Ghostbusters II (August 5, 1988 Draft) (Script p. 16). "Paragraph reads: "A sign identifies it as "The Einstein Institute for Advanced Theoretical Research.""


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