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Specifics: This is for Ghostbusters Annual 2017, 101

The Interspatial Teleportation Unit [1] (also known as Interspatial Transportation Unit) [2] is advanced alien technology capable of teleporting to other planets, across a planet or to another dimension.


Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesEdit

Krang had a Interspatial Teleportation Unit built somewhere in feudal Japan during the Muromachi Period. A traditional torii shrine was modified with Krang's teleportation technology. Krang would periodically take the teleporter to this location and meet with Kitsune to give new orders, get a progress report, and transport Mutagen. Chi-You detected the teleporter's power and journeyed across the sea to Japan to investigate. After Krang emerged from the teleporter's portal, Chi-You flew into a rage and attacked Kitsune. Kitsune tossed him into the portal. Due to safeguards built into the device, Chi-You was stranded in a state of eternal limbo. [3]

Eventually, Kitsune and Oroku Saki ambushed Krang at the teleporter. They stole Mutagen, forced Krang through the portal and destroyed it. In the present era, another teleporter was built on Burnow Island. The Fugitoid drafted his own schematics of the the unit and it came into Donatello's possession. He teamed up with Harold Lillja and April O'Neil to build their own unit. After a couple weeks, it was completed. [4] Once they finished working through a couple bugs, it ready to go in Harold's Laboratory. Donatello was able to teleport to and from a nearby parking lot but he wanted to do a true field test. He called in his brothers and Casey Jones to attempt a teleportation to The Lair. To ease concerns, Harold tested the unit. He threw an apple into the portal and it reappeared elsewhere, nailing Casey in the back of the head. The Turtles, April, and Casey went through the next portal. However, Harold was distracted with a fly and accidentally hit the Spatial Dimension switch.


The Turtles, April, and Casey were transported to another dimension, one occupied by the Ghostbusters. They arrived in an equivalent location to the coordinates of their lair, the Emmanuel Baptist Church. They used the correct coordinates but were a fraction of a decimal point away from the proper dimensional wavelength. [5] To compound matters, Chi-You was also freed and manifested in a more powerful ethereal form. Egon took readings of the Turtles and April and determined they were emitting a low-level phase variance at the cellular level. The readings verified they were out of sync with the dimensional plane and were connected to the dimensional breach. [6] In effect, the readings were an energy signature crucial to returning to their proper dimension. As time passed, the readings would degrade to a point where they couldn't return. At most 72 hours. [7] [8] After Donatello showed the teleportation unit schematics to Egon and Ray, Ray was pretty sure there were spare parts at the Firehouse that could be used to jury rig a replacement to get them home and power it with the Containment Unit. [9] Chi-You planned to take over the planet then force the Turtles to build another Interspatial Teleportation Unit so that he could find other worlds to conquer.

Several hours later, the Thralls of Chi-You invaded the Firehouse. Egon and Donatello pressed on. After Casey triggered the Electromagnetic Pulse Emitter, the teleportation unit was powered on for the first time. Despite the calculations made, it still caused an intense drain on the Containment Unit's power supply and threatened to cause a rupture then a very, very big explosion. To make matters worse, they had to stabilize the grid quickly or risk frying key components of the teleportation unit they had no time to replace. [10] [11] While the others dealt with Chi-You, Egon and Donatello were able to prevent utter devastation and successfully powered the teleportation unit on. A short while later, the Turtles, Casey and April entered the portal and returned home to their proper dimension. Winston had Egon change the Turtles' coordinates from their lair to the edge of the universe. He threw the Trap holding Chi-You through the portal and stranded it in Proxima Centauri.

The teleportation unit was rarely used afterward out of concern an accident might occur and one or more of the Ghostbusters would be trapped in another dimension or limbo. [12] The Ghostbusters later encountered parallel versions of themselves in the Firehouse. They compared notes then went to the basement. Egon explained if he collected enough biometric data, he could send them back to their home dimension. [13] The parallel Ray was amazed at a device with infinite extradimensional capabilities and pleaded with the others to build one for themselves. [14] [15]

Ray donned an Ecto-Suit and went through the teleportation unit into the alternate Ghostbusters' home dimension. Winston held onto the tether attached to the suit and kept the portal in flux and give Ray an easy way back. A short time later, Ray returned through the unit's portal but was covered in Slimer's ectoplasm. The NES Advantage Controller used to maneuver the Statue of Liberty was salvaged and repurposed for a console connected to the teleportation unit. After Proteus captured the other team of Ghostbusters, Winston raced down to the basement in order to use the teleportation unit to mount a rescue. Ananke appeared in the unit's arch and tried to tell him he wasn't leaving them in enemy hands. She explained their fate was secure and they were back in their home dimension. She even added the teleportation unit wouldn't take Winston to them anyway. Winston conceded to her point that they wouldn't stay trapped.

While working out some bugs on the teleportation unit, Ray was paid a visit by Ron Alexander. Alexander heard rumors of new tech and wanted to check it out during his vacation. He used the Chicago franchise agreement to justify the visit. When Ray went to answer the front desk phone, Ron stuck his head through the active portal and saw about eight Doom Ghosts. In order to decipher Egon's notes on the Rauoskinna, the Ghostbusters needed another Egon. Peter, Winston, and Janine used the teleportation unit to travel to the parallel dimension of the Ghostbusters they recently met. While Kylie Griffin, Jenny Moran, and Special Agent Melanie Ortiz awaited their return, a Granny Gross ghost crossed over through the unit. Luckily, the Ghostbusters returned through the unit and captured the ghost.


When the unit is turned on, capable entities would notice the rift it forms in the multiverse due to the energy it puts out and in turn could use it. [16] [17] The odds of such an event occurring were calculated to be 100 to 1. [18]


IDW Comics


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