Irena Cortez was a werewolf. She inherited her werewolf powers from her parents, who were tragically killed by hunters. Apparently, you don't need silver bullets to kill werewolves, any kind of bullet will do. Fortunately, the hunters were arrested when policemen saw her parents' human cadavers tied to their car. In her adulthood, three men dressed like ninjas kidnapped her and used a shock collar to manipulate her into using her werewolf form to commit crimes. After an encounter with the Ghostbusters, one of their proton streams removed the shock collar, enabling her to betray the three ninja-like men. They then used Irena's shadow to resurrect a mummy called The Nameless One. When Peter Venkman reminded her that Egon told her she could change whenever she wished, Irena became a werewolf again and defeated the Nameless One. She made another appearance in the 11th issue helping the Ghostbusters defeat Astorath and offers to adopt Shannon Phillips as her son. She reappeared another time in the 19th issue of the comic in a story where Peter dates her(for some odd reason, he dates her while she's in her werewolf form).


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