"The prime motivator is a demon named W(h)at."

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Jackson Residence is the house occupied by the immediate family of Roland Jackson.


In 1997, Roland unknowingly brought home a P.K.E. Meter possessed by the demon Luko. As Roland slept, Luko implanted information for the Infernal Machine into his mind. The Grundel and his disciple Jack went to the Jackson Residence to turn Casey Jackson. They appeared outside his window and succeeded in tempting him. The Extreme Ghostbusters arrived too late and pursued. However, the Grundel laid in wait and grabbed Kylie Griffin. Roland Jackson returned in time and helped her trap the Grundel in Casey's bedroom. Months later, in November, Roland went back home to deal with "stuff" after the original Ghostbusters reunited. Janine Melnitz called Roland at home and asked him for help on a case. Roland reluctantly agreed and got his team back together.


  • In a draft of "Grundelesque", while at a shipyard on near Pier 23-37, Roland notes home is on the exact opposite part of town and as far away as you can get. [1]


Extreme Ghostbusters


  1. Martin Olson scribd "Grundelesque" draft page 28 11/22/13


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