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Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster
Air Date Number 025
Episode Number Dvd 048
Production Number 76035
Written By Michael Reaves
Date First Aired 09/29/1987
Season Aired Season 2
On Boxset Vol. 2, Disc 3

In Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster, with the city undergoing a massive surge in spectral activity the Ghostbusters have no time to take care of Janine's haunted apartment. Janine decides to tackle the job on her own... and may end up saving the day! [1]


Egon Spengler

Peter Venkman

Ray Stantz

Winston Zeddemore

The Frankenstein Monster

Captain Ahab

Mr. Hyde

Tiny Cyclops

Mole Ghost

Janine Melnitz

Immigrant Family ghosts

Street Thugs ghosts


Squid Monster




Proton Pack

Particle Thrower


Electrical Gloves

P.K.E. Meter

Containment Unit



Janine's Apartment

Rockefeller Plaza




Ecto-1 pulled up to a building and the Ghostbusters charged inside. They faced off against three ghosts who took the form of classic literary characters from nearby books. After Frankenstein, Captain Ahab, and Mr. Hyde were trapped, the crowd outside cheered for them. Winston and Ray then trapped a Tiny Cyclops harassing a store clerk. Egon added three more full traps to a pile of over three dozen in the back of Ecto-1.

Back at the Firehouse, Janine finished taking another set of calls just as Ecto-1 returned. The weary Ghostbusters shuffled to the front desk as Ray lamented about the vicious giant ghost lobsters they battled at a four star restaurant. Peter sat down and asked about anymore calls. Janine goes down the list: a Class 4 disturbance at the World Trade Center, a Phantom Garbage Truck on a rampage in Queens, Ghost Terrorists in the UN protesting the Mono Doctrine, and some guy named Samsa saying he was possessed by a giant cockroach. The guys were speechless. Peter whined and asked Egon what was happening. Egon replied he had no idea and took out his P.K.E. Meter, which immediately overheated. Suddenly, a black hand popped out a Ghost Trap. Winston stuffed it back in and proceeded to dump it into the Containment Unit. It reminded Ray it was time to add on another Klein Bottle before the unit cracked wide open.

Janine revealed to the guys her apartment was haunted but Peter and Egon declared they had to deal with the supernatural crisis first. Janine returned to her apartment by taxi. She was angered to see all her furniture stuck to the ceiling. Several ghosts laughed and the furniture fell to the ground. The next morning, Janine fell out her floating bed and her shower was filled with frogs. Janine soon arrived at the Firehouse ready to demand the Ghostbusters' help. However, they were already out on a job. Slimer greeted her and ate a carrot she gave him. Upstairs, Janine went through a closet and took one of Peter's clean uniforms.

Meanwhile, the Ghostbusters were in the middle of a standoff against several Street thug ghosts shooting at them. As Peter and Winston traded shots with them, Ray and Egon laid out five connected traps at a choke point. Once they got the signal, Peter and Winston retreated to draw the ghosts over the traps. It worked and Egon remotely activated the traps. As the guys unloaded at Ecto-1, Winston mused that it'd been as bad as when Gozer was around. Egon denied it was returning but admitted the captured ghosts shared a common spectography - a nexus for all the activity. However, there was too much spectral static around for Egon to localize the single source. Peter mused it was great they were making so much money.

Janine and Slimer arrived at her apartment with the Ghostbusters' equipment at 3 o'clock. The ghosts weren't around but Slimer flew into a cabinet and hid. Then objects were thrown at Janine, including a vase her mother gave to her. The ghosts defeated Janine and wrapped her up in a blanket. Back in Ecto-1, Egon noticed the concentration of paranormal activity seemed to be strongest in Midtown Manhattan. Peter was impressed and asked Ray about the next job. It was at Gracie Mansion and involved a Class 9 Free Roaming Vapor. However, as Ecto-1 passed by Rockefeller Plaza, the statue of Atlas was possessed and attacked the guys with a giant globe. Ecto-1 narrowly dodged the globe but crashed into a pole.

The Ghostbusters shot the statue but nothing happened. It was charged with so much ectonic force, it resisted the Proton Streams. They retreated to the ice rink and melted the ice under the statue. A news crew arrived and filmed the battle. Suddenly, the statue fired a beam from its fingertip at the guys. In a flash of energy, they vanished! Back at Janine's apartment, Slimer sneaked around and laid the Ghost Trap by the ghosts. He set off the trap and avoided getting trapped himself. Janine and Slimer returned to the Firehouse and waited for the Ghostbusters. They watched a news report about the Ghostbusters' disappearance and rushed off to Rockefeller in a taxi.

Janine was forced to pay the cab driver an extra $20 for the ectoplasm Slimer left behind. Unable to analyze the P.K.E. Meter's readings, Janine and Slimer wandered around until she realized all the captured ghosts knew what happened. They returned to the Firehouse and Slimer was volunteered to go into the Containment Unit to spy on the ghosts. He overheard some Street thug ghosts speaking about Proteus and the Erie building. However, Slimer is discovered and forced to retreat back to the entrance/exit. Janine rescued him and threatened the others back into the unit. Janine reviewed Slimer's recorder and looked up the Erie.

They arrived at the only Erie listed in Manhattan. They discovered it was a 26 floor building with an unmarked and hidden 13th floor. They stepped out to a place called "Proteus Unlimited." Janine ignored the demonic receptionist and blasted the doors open. She and Slimer entered and found it to be a vast board room adorned with mirrors. The Ghostbusters were trapped in one of the mirrors and pleaded with Janine to run away. Proteus was one of the primal gods like Gozer. Proteus manifested and changed through many forms. Janine fired on him but the stream failed. Slimer flew into action and distracted Proteus as Janine fired on a mirror. Proteus suddenly became blinded and his beam overloaded. The Ghostbusters were freed and exited the building with Janine and Slimer. The 13th floor and most of the nearby floors blew up. Back at the Firehouse, Ray noted everything was back to "normal." While Janine considered going into business herself, Peter offered her to keep her old job with a raise. Janine agreed as long as they kept her apartment ghost-free, except for Slimer.


  • When Janine read off the next set of jobs, she mentions "some guy named Samsa said he's possessed by a giant cockroach." This is a reference to 1915 novella "The Metamorphosis" about a man named Gregor Samsa changing into an insect.
  • Egon mentions an Ouija board when describing the level of spectral activity. [2]
  • Ray mentions adding another Klein Bottle to the Containment Unit. In mathematics, the Klein Bottle is a surface where notions of left and right can't be consistently defined. [3]
  • Peter refers to the Lone Ranger. [4]
  • Egon mentions the principle of Triage, the process of organizing severity of conditions by order and priority.
  • Gozer is mentioned three times in this episode. [5] [6] [7]
  • Janine quotes the theme song saying, "I ain't afraid of no ghosts." [8] [9]
  • Ray mentioned Gracie Mansion just before the possessed statue of Atlas attacked the Ghostbusters.
  • In most of this episode, Janine wore a spare uniform of Peter's.
  • Janine refers to the Containment Unit as the Storage Facility like in the first film. [10]
  • Slimer went into the Containment Unit. Interestingly enough, many of the ghosts captured in the episode end up chasing him in there.
  • When Janine found the Ghostbusters trapped in Limbo, she referred to Lewis Carroll in reference to his book Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There [11]


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