Jell-o The Real Ghostbusters Promotion promo had a Activity Packet/Poster offer on the back for The Real Ghostbusters. It also came with one of the sixteen stickers to collect. The only known flavor involved in the promotion is Lemon Citron. This promotion seems to have only happened in Canada.


The following was needed stickers to be collected:

  • Peter (01 of 16)
  • Egon (02 of 16)
  • Ray (03 of 16)
  • Winston (04 of 16)
  • Janine (05 of 16)
  • Stay Puft (06 of 16)
  • Ecto-1 (07 of 16)
  • Ghost One (08 of 16)
  • Ghost Two (09 of 16)
  • Slimer One (10 of 16)
  • Slimer Two(11 of 16)
  • Slimer Three (12 of 16)
  • Ghost Three (13 of 16)
  • Ghost Four (14 of 16)
  • Ghost Five (15 of 16)
  • No-Ghost Logo (16 of 16)


Interestingly, there was a false rumor/joke that they had made actual flavors based on ghostbusters terms, Flavors Slimer Lime and Flavor Mood Slime. This came from the website which was joking around it appears. The idea for the flavors was originally posted at by Doc Ryedale. This information was originally posted at Proton Charging Web site by Castewar.[1]

In a twist, a fan (Lordsmiley) then made a fake box design of Slimer Lime which can be viewed at deviantArt.




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