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Jenny Moran is a former member of the defunct Ghost Smashers. She is currently a Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commission municipal liaison and Ray Stantz' girlfriend.


Jenny was hired by Ghost Smashers, founded by Ron Alexander. During the team's debut at the Lincoln Center, Jenny took the first shot at the Phantom of the Opera but went a little wide and hit only his right arm. Weeks later, after Ron shoved Ray Stantz to the ground, Jenny showed some concern but nonetheless left with her teammates. In November, during a meeting set up by Walter Peck between the Ghost Smashers and Ghostbusters, Jenny introduced herself to Ray. Ray came up with an idea to close the distance and trap the Megaspook. He and Jenny flew to the Megaspook in the Ecto-Gyro. Jenny was thrilled and loved the plan.

In the following year, sometime in the summer, Jenny wrangled Ray out of the Firehouse for coffee at Pequod's in Broadway. Ray filled her in on the circumstances behind the Ghostbusters' disappearance and how everyone was adjusting to the experience. Jenny took some delight in learning her former boss Ron was transferred to Chicago, as she thought the city was in the middle of nowhere. After Ray finished talking about the Collectors' Limbo, he cheered up a little and Jenny alluded to her interest on going out for dinner sometime. On October 30, during a staff meeting, Ray suggested bringing in Jenny as a temp worker to help deal with the surge in supernatural activity but he was shot down by Peck. [1] Ray and Jenny went a few more dates. [2]

Jenny was hired by the Ghostbusters to help with the Hart Island incident. While explaining the events caused by Tiamat, Ray went into a trance. After Peter woke him up with a slap, Ray had short term memory loss. Jenny reminded him of who Dani and Lou were and why they were there. Ray remembered and continued on about the island. After another trance, Ray woke up on fire. Jenny grabbed his Slime Blower and put out the flames with the positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime. After the Tiamat incident, Walter Peck hired Jenny Moran to more closely liaise between the Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commission and Ghostbusters.

Jenny paid Janine a visit at the Warehouse. After Janine admitted to missing the Firehouse, Jenny informed her repairs were soon coming to a close but PCOC was erring on the side of safety to keep OSHA satisfied. Jenny insisted she happened to be in the neighborhood and asked Janine how Japan was. Janine informed her of the piles of paperwork she faced there and currently. Jenny asked her why she didn't hire someone to help lighten the work load. Janine revealed every Class 7 incident added more and more red tape to get through in order to hire someone. Jenny implored her to start looking for a new employee and she would take care of the red tape. Janine was surprised then happily hugged Jenny, nearly causing her to spill a tray of Pequod's she brought.

Later in the week, Jenny had a late lunch with Ray at the All Night Deli on the Lower East Side. She couldn't believe he would get to go to Italy next week. Ray invited her to come along but Jenny stated her first trip to Italy would not involve ghost hunting nor would it entail any proximity to Peter. She excused herself to get back to work, including getting permission for equipment like the Portable Ecto-Containment Unit to clear customs. She asked Ray to bring her back a souvenir. Jenny spoke with Melanie on the phone and mentioned the New York Branch's under staffing issues. Melanie told her she was willing to put in time when she was in the city between investigations. About a week later, At 2 pm local time, Janine and Jenny held open interviews for two hours. Jenny relayed the news about Melanie helping out. Jenny made arrangements with Erland Vinter's people to send the Ghostbusters' equipment over to Ireland for a case personally overseen by Peck.

Jenny, Kylie, and Melanie waited in the Firehouse basement for Peter, Winston, and Janine to return with a parallel Egon to stand-in for their missing Egon. Both Jenny and Melanie admitted they would never use the Interspatial Teleportation Unit. A Granny Gross ghost used the teleporter to cross over. Kylie and Jenny ran upstairs to grab some equipment but by the time they got back, the ghost was trapped by Winston and Peter. After Kaia May passed along new demands by Vinter, Peter had Jenny inform PCOC of their impending search for the key and map to the Rauoskinna. Jenny approved a nearly $400,000 expense as the teams departed on chartered jets to Chile and Japan since the Ghostbusters' municipal agreement established an emergency budget for use in the prevention of foreseeable catastrophic paranormal events. As an added boon, she saved about $30,000 on the flight to Chile by pooling with a couple of honeymooners from Long Island. Janine and Jenny handled all the calls, including a bothersome Poltergeist in Gracie Mansion. After the bust, they met with Peck at the PCOC office to discuss the request for reimbursement.

A day and a half after the Ghostbusters returned with the Rauoskinna, Jenny visited the Firehouse and looked over the book with Ray and Kylie. She was amazed at all the Latin and realized she was looking at a recipe for roast sheep. Kylie explained it was as much a bad diary as it was a spellbook. Jenny read another torn page aloud but Kylie quickly covered her mouth. She warned it was one of the dangerous entries and they believed the spell could trigger an apocalypse-level event or summon something very powerful. When the conversation turned to Egon, Jenny asked if they thought of trying something else yet like a seance or hooking up one of Peter's psychic friends to a device. Kevin called the upstairs phone and alerted Ray of a call from Loftur. Loftur set up a meeting in Central Park at midnight. Ray and Jenny rushed to the Renaissance Pizzaria to inform Peter, Janine, and Melanie in person.

At 11:55 pm, near the Central Park entrance at Warner LeRoy Place and Central Park West near W 67th Street, Jenny checked in with Officer Mike. She made sure the park was cleared out of civilians then thanked him. Mike admitted he loved working security for the Ghostbusters because it paid triple time. Jenny remarked knew that because it came out of the Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commission's budget. Mike wished her good luck as she headed into meet up with the Ghostbusters. At 11:59 pm, Jenny caught with the others at Umpire Rock. After Loftur blasted at Ray and easily blocked Melanie's shot, Jenny thought it was time to fight fire with fire. She took out the page excerpt she almost read at the Firehouse and cast it. Loftur was infuriated with her amateur attempt. Jenny was covered in flames and everyone present but Winston were teleported to Hell. She felt a great evil. Ray and Janine helped her up. After a journey along the River Styx, they were all suddenly taken from Hell and brought to Craig Liath by Aibell. She called in her favor with Peter and wanted the Rauoskinna. Jenny didn't want a monster like her to own the book, so she fired a Proton Stream and destroyed it. Aibell was enraged and Jenny was vaporized. The others were sent back to Central Park. Ray didn't realize she was dead at first and assumed she was left behind. Jenny manifested as a ghost. Ray refused to believe this was how things were going to end. Jenny promised she wasn't going anywhere. They kissed and hugged. The next day, Jenny helped with Egon's analysis and asked him several questions such as what he remembered after he died.


Jenny manifested as a semi-corporeal Class 4. [3]


  • Jenny Moran is visually based on Donna Dixon, wife of Dan Aykroyd. [4]
  • Jenny appeared in one of Ray's dreams, "reprising" the role of Karen Boyer that Donna Dixon portrayed in the movie "Spies Like Us"
  • Jenny is a fan of Ray's Occult Books. [5]
  • On the Subscription Cover of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #1, Jenny's photo is to the right of Janine.
  • Originally, Jenny Moran was going to be the 4th New Ghostbuster but Erik Burnham decided to add someone with technical expertise, Ron Alexander. [6]
  • On the RI cover of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #13, Jenny makes a cameo.
  • Jenny always wanted to go to Japan. [7]
  • In Ghostbusters International #2, on page 5, Jenny and Ray are wearing outfits that Monica McNeil and Clifford Skridlow respectively wore in the 1983 movie "Doctor Detroit."
    • McNeil was portrayed by Donna Dixon whom Jenny is visually based on
    • Skridlow was portrayed by Dan Aykroyd
  • Based on the volume of people that showed up at the Ghostbusters open interviews, seen in Ghostbusters International #3, Jenny has a knack for advertising, copy writing, timing, and drawing in applicants.
  • On page 12 of Ghostbusters International #8, panel 2:
    • Jenny referred to Star Wars character Han Solo and nods to his line about odds in Empire Strikes Back when he tells C-3PO, "Never tell me the odds."
    • Jenny asked if the Containment Unit could suck in ghosts. The animated series' unit was capable of such a function.
  • On page 12 panel 2 of Ghostbusters International #11, Jenny's flightsuit is miscolored tan.


IDW Comics


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