Jensen [1] is aide to Mayor McShane.


Jensen is constantly at the side of Mayor McShane, mostly to correct and cover for him. At the Metropolitan Museum of Art dedication ceremony, he told McShane the correct way to say "Manet" after the Mayor mispronounced it in a speech. After the Extreme Ghostbusters failed to stop the Component Parts Emanations of Piper, Jensen reiterated McShane's anger and billed them for damages to the museum. However, as the emanations continued to terrorize the city, even Jensen suggested it was time to hire the Ghostbusters. However, Piper's offer was accepted by McShane. When Piper kidnapped several children to punish the Mayor, Jensen reported the developments and McShane was forced to hire the Ghostbusters.


Extreme Ghostbusters


  1. Mayor McShane (2009). Extreme Ghostbusters- The Pied Piper of Manhattan (1997) (DVD ts. 7:04-7:10). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Mayor McShane says: "Jensen, whatever it was that attacked the museum last night -- and I refuse to use the word "ghosts" -- I want it forgotten."


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