Jeremy Whittington [1] is the broken-hearted man who made contact with the Dark Entity.


It has been said that the most dangerous man in the world is one with nothing to lose. Jeremy was born with everything. [2] He once saved DyTillio from being run over by a car and the two were companions ever since. [3] Jeremy asked his girlfriend Cindy to settle down and marry him but Cindy turned him down which he took badly. He lost his mind and went into hiding for a long time only to resurface at an ancient shrine with a dark nihilistic attitude. Part of his rationale was that he wanted to end all suffering on Earth. Unfortunately, this plan entailed ending the world itself. He made contact with the Dark Entity, who granted him a magical flute with the power to cause world wide destruction. It also transformed his appearance to a paleskin human with lifeless eyes.

Jeremy and his friend, DyTillio returned to New York City. He began to play the "Symphony of Destruction" and bring about the end of the world. He plays it atop the Karstick Building and called forth Bat-like Things. When later confronted by the Ghostbusters, who despite their best efforts couldn't harm him with their Proton Streams, they allowed Cindy to try and reason with him but to no avail. He told Cindy he was sorry but started to finish the "Symphony of Destruction."

During the chaos a powerful wind was about to knock Cindy over the edge, but at the last moment Dytillio saved her but was knocked over in the process. Rushing to his aid, Jeremy asked Dytillio why he would do something foolish and he could have survived the end of the world with Jeremy. DyTillio gives a painfully truthful speech about pain being a fundamental part of living. Jeremy had a change of heart and promised to stop the madness. However, the Dark Entity, angry at this, decided to strike down Jeremy nearly killing him in the process. Once the Dark Entity was defeated by the Ghostbusters, Jeremy used what was left of his powers and broken flute to set everything back to normal, including himself, with a "Song of Life."


He seems to be a man that seeks to blame the world for his problems and heartbreak. He speaks of the end of the world in an almost visionary way and could be considered introverted. In spite of physically threatening Dytillio, he show an obvious need for Dytillio for emotional support.


  • Jeremy's accent suggests he is from the southern regions of the United States.
  • In Ghostbusters Issue #5, Jeremy is the father of the boy that gets possessed.

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