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Specifics: The first name "Jim" might be slang from the 1970's, but it has been decided that it is the closest to a first name that is given in official media.[1]

Jim [3] Venkman (voiced originally by Lorenzo Music and later by Dave Coulier) is Dr. Peter Venkman's father and is also a known to be a con man, however not a very good one.


The Real GhostbustersEdit

Jim Venkman has dabbled in various commodities of questionable nature, none of them lasting for long. Still when one con fails, he's back in the game almost immediately with a new angle. He was never there for his wife nor son, Peter. He was always away during Christmas on business trips and thus, Peter eventually became indifferent to the holiday. [4]

In the 1980s, Peter has since re-evaluated his attitude toward Christmas and has reconciled with his father. He's still wary when Jim shows up, as it usually means his dad is about to try roping the team into another one of his get rich quick schemes again.

Jim appeared in New York selling "Venkman's Ghost Repellers" but they don't do a thing as tested by using Slimer as a bull. The Repellers were simply a red poncho. Jim felt no one was getting hurt by the con and there weren't any laws about ghosts to break. Peter assured them the Repellers would put give him perpetual litigation problems due to their last name being used and the connection to ghosts. Jim promised to stop but he sold one last batch of Repellers to Dr. Mulch for his expedition to the New Jersey Parallelogram. Three days later, Jim learned Mulch's expedition was missing. He felt guilty and raced to the East River Marina, rented a speedboat, and sped off to the Parallelogram to save Mulch. The Ghostbusters and the Coast Guard saved the expedition but Jim was stranded deep within. The guys returned and saved Jim.

Jim ended up in northern Alaska selling refrigerators to Eskimos. Jim randomly stumbled upon the block of black ice that imprisoned Hob Anagarak. He wanted the Ghostbusters to remove Hob from the ice and trap it. He planned to put it on exhibit in the lower 48 states and make a fortune with his Eighth Wonder of the World. The Ghostbusters refused to help and neutronized the ice block. Jim anticipated this and secretly swapped the ice block with a fake one. He and Dr. Bassingame partnered together bring Hob out of dormancy. Hob Anagarak was released in Madison Square Garden but it escaped containment and caused massive property damage to New York City. Jim was volunteered to take part in an Eskimo ritual for binding spirits as the required trickster. [5] Peter paid all of Jim's fines and ordered him to go back home to Iowa and live an honest life on the family farm. [6] [7] Instead, he took a bus destined for Hollywood.

It isn't known if Jim was able to sell the movie rights or not. Years later, Jim presented the Ghostbusters with another scheme to get rich by finding a treasure in Mexico. Ray and Slimer go along but soon get trapped. Then the rest of the Ghostbusters came and helped out. Despite what happened, he still wanted to forge on. Since the Ghostbusters' flight to Mexico had to paid for somehow, they went along. However, the treasure turned out to be a slumbering god, Quetzalcoatl. Once the Ghostbusters froze it, Jim agreed to make up a story to dissuade others from looking for the legendary treasure. He told the story and flirted with airline attendants on the flight home.

NOW ComicsEdit

Peter told Shannon Phillips how his father was a con artist who could never con anyone. And he still resents his father never being there for him or his mother when she passed away. This resulted in Peter harboring a rather negative attitude towards Christmas.

Relationship with GhostbustersEdit

In The Real Ghostbusters, it is shown that Peter doesn't get along well with his father but does care about him. The rest of the Ghostbusters seem to like him to a degree, and are pretty civil to him. But they don't really trust him.


Jim dresses similar to a vaudeville-era con artist stereotype. He and Peter do share a slight family resemblance, both possess the same chin and facial features. However it appears Peter got his hair from his mother's side. Jim has been known to either wear a rather unconvincing toupee on occasion. It's also possible to be just a bad comb over.


Jim is not a bad person, he just can't make an honest buck. He has an outgoing personality sort of like his son Peter. He seems to care about his son even as he tricks and cons him. He causes conflict to all around due to his nature. The fast talker element of Peter's personality is definitely inherited from Jim. Peter still displays a significantly higher degree of personal ethics than his father, as his knack for fast talking isn't directed towards defrauding others, just talking the team's way out of trouble, getting them the best business deal possible, and making himself look good to prospective women.


  • "Charles Conrad" Venkman is his name in the fan fiction writing community. The name "Charlie" was brought into use by fan fic writer Shiela Paulson. Fritz added the middle name "Conrad". Fritz later changed the name to "James Charles Venkman" to better match animated canon (as "Jim" is a common nickname for James, and "Charlie" for Charles).[8]
  • Jim went to Hollywood to sell the movie rights to the Hob Anagarak incident. In Extreme Ghostbusters "Back in the Saddle, Part 1," it was revealed Peter did something similar, after the Ghostbusters was closed down for good, but for another Ghostbusters movie. Both appeared to be unsuccessful.
  • On page ten of Ghostbusters Issue #3, Jim Venkman appears on an ad for Hob Anagarak.
  • On page 19 of Ghostbusters Issue #7, behind the cards is a miniature refrigerator with tag reading "From Dad," in reference to Jim Venkman selling refrigerators to Eskimos at the end of "Venkman's Ghost Repellers".
  • On page four of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #10, Jim makes a non-canon cameo at the celebration.
  • On page 18 of Ghostbusters: Get Real Issue #2, in panel 1, Jim makes a non-canon cameo above the bed in a picture frame.
    • The image is from the newspaper Janine brings to the guys in "Cold Cash and Hot Water".



The Real Ghostbusters


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