Jodi Chen [1] [2] is a young Chinese-American girl who unwittingly became the possessor of The Dragon's Eyes gems.


When she was a child, Jodi's father told her the story of Gu Mo the Bone Demon. If someone misbehaved, Gu Mo would come and take away their bones. As she got older, the Keeper stopped believing the story. [3] Some years later, she became concerned with a protection racket extorted money from Chinatown businesses. She wanted to go to the police but her father refused. She then proposed selling the Dragon's Eyes, to which he refused. Once the racketeers arrived and started damaging property, Jodi promised to get their money in two hours. She was unable to pawn the gems and two of the racketeers cornered her in an alley. She was protected by the power of the gems.

She ran back to the shop and encountered the Extreme Ghostbusters. After realizing the gems had some power, she worked with the Ghostbusters and Michael Wu, an undercover FBI agent. They were in turn chased down by Bone-Creatures. Eventually, she surrendered to Gu Mo and was teleported to him. The Ghostbusters managed to trap Gu Mo and free her father from his possession. She tended to her father as he regained consciousness.


Extreme Ghostbusters


  1. Melching, Steven (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters "Eyes of a Dragon" (First Draft April 17, 1997) (Cast List). Line reads: "Jodi Chen - Mr. Chen's Americanized daughter. She loves and honors her father, but doesn't always agree with his old-world ways."
  2. Melching, Steven (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters "Eyes of a Dragon" (First Draft April 17, 1997) (Script p. 01). Line reads: "PULL BACK TO REVEAL - JODI CHEN, early twenties, stands aghast at the empty register in the small antiquities shop."
  3. Jodi Chen (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters- Eyes of a Dragon (1997) (DVD ts. 10:14-10:22). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Jodi says: "My father used to tell me how if you were very bad, Gu Mo would come and take away all of your bones."


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